In the chromatographic separation, according to the characteristics of the separated substances, select the appropriate adsorption activity of activated carbon, the adsorption of activated carbon is correct or not is the key to the success of the separation.
When the material to be separated is not easy to be adsorbed by activated carbon, it is necessary to choose activated carbon with strong adsorption.
When the material to be separated is easily adsorbed by activated carbon, it is necessary to choose the activated carbon with weak adsorption.
When separating a sample for the first time, the second type of activated carbon is usually used
When it is found that this kind of activated carbon can not be adsorbed well to the substances to be separated, which leads to the failure of separation, the first kind of activated carbon can be used.In this paper, the activated carbon desulfurization and denitration test bed, with the circulating fluidized bed as the main adsorption device, the activated carbon desulfurization and denitration test study.
Circulating fluidized bed flue gas purification technology can effectively avoid the shortcomings of the fixed bed adsorption process, such as complex equipment, large space occupied, and unstable bed resistance, etc., and the good cooperation with the bag filter can achieve the continuity of activated carbon adsorption and regeneration.For the gas phase adsorption, the size of the gas molecules is usually less than 1. ONM, the use of microporous activated carbon;
For liquid-phase decolorization refining, due to the large size of the liquid molecules, it is necessary to use activated carbon with developed mesopore.
Activated caThe pore structure characteristics and specific surface area of activated carbon are usually obtained by measuring nitrogen adsorption isotherm at low temperature with adsorption apparatusrbon has a large specific surface area and a particularly developed micro-pore structure, which is the main reason for its strong adsorption capacity and large adsorption capacity.Particle strength is also a main index of granular activated carbon.
In order to improve the particle strength of granular activated carbon, usually take some special processing measures, such as adding some material help plasticizing and proper mechanical treatment 4 or control in the process of kneading kneading temperature and kneading time, can greatly improve the strength of granular activated carbon particles, making the strength of the granular activated carbon has reached the fruit shell carbon intensity index.The size of Q in addition to the variety of activated carbon, but also with the nature of the adsorbed substance, concentration, water temperature and pH value.granular activated carbon price
Generally speaking, when the adsorbed material can react with the activated carbon, the adsorbed material is not easy to dissolve in water and is repulsed by water, and the activated carbon on the adsorbed material affinity force is strong, the concentration of the adsorbed material is larger, Q.
The value is larger.